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Mauritius is renowned for its excessive natural charm & beautiful beaches in the world.

As the country is provided with exquisite beauty along with unspoilt elegance, Mauritius beaches do have their own appeal.

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Its not a secret that Mauritius is visited by a big number of tourists from allover the world & for a number of them, the lure beaches of Mauritius is basically too big to reject.

Mauritius beaches are beautiful with pristine water and dazzling white sand all around it.

The Belle Mare is a white sandy beach in Mauritian that features a deep lagoon along the eastern coast though Mont Choicy is an attractive long beach along the northern coast & is known for a big collection of Filao trees.

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In Mauritius Riviere Noire is the centre of deep sea fishing. Pointe aux Piments is any individual loving the quite & cozy warmth of the coast.

However, its the Grand Baie that is among the greatest attracts for visitors to Mauritius.

A collection of shops for an amazing shopping experience, restaurants with all forms of popular and delicious dishes coupled with a collection of seafoods and hotels catering most of the necessities of the visitors, all are accessible here.

Bars and discotheques are also available and in Mauritius tour operators arrange a number of sea excursions away from this beach.

And to provide you the beatifies of a life span, amenities for all sorts of water sports present here, to give the visitors an incredible visit in the country.

From honeymoon couples to business executives, all construct a beeline to Grand Baie in Mauritius.

Blue Bay in Mauritius is recognized as an essential center of water sports.

Sailing, surfing, and snorkeling are widely familiar here.

The Flic-en-Flac with an attractive lagoon has an array of restaurants shops, and hotels. Baie du Tamarin gives a beautiful views of the landscape & Baie de Tombeau beach is covered with coco palms.

Mauritius Grand Baie Beach

Grand Baie Beach Mauritius

Grand Baie Beach Mauritius

Grand Baie in Mauritus is located in its North Eastern coastline in Mauritius. Grand Baie had at once been a poor settlement with fishermen and houses being the dominant occupants in the region.

Attractive beaches bay and emerald waters along the beach address about the beauty of this beach.

At one time Maurituss Grand Baie was a kind of settlement with no hope to change from the province of complete darkness to a colorful era.

At present Grand Baie has came out as among the significant tourist centers of Mauritus.
The tourist traveling to Grand Baie wont come across any more troubles. In this area,craft shop and boutique shop all are available.

Accommodations in town roam from hotels to self-cooked cottages. Since growth has occurred in the town, there are different services such as restaurants, clubs along with discotheques accessible in the town.

In Mauritus Grand Baie has came out as the hub of yachting, wind surfing, water skiing and different ocean sports.

There are other places of attractions in Grand Baie.

These include:
Blue Penny Museum

Blue Penny Museum

Blue Penny Museum

Black River Gorges National Park

Mauritius Black River Gorges National Park

Mauritius Black River Gorges National Park

Sir Seewosagar Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens

Mauritius Sir Seewosagar Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens

Mauritius Sir Seewosagar Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens

Also there are attractive restaurants in the Grand Baie. These include:
Sunset Café
La Tanjore Restaurant
Don Camillo

Some beaches found in Grand Baie

Some beaches found in Grand Baie

Some beaches found in Grand Baie

These include:

Grand Baie beach
Pereybere beach

There are some parks & gardens found in Grand Baie. By the names of:

Casela Bird Park
Domaine Du Chasseur
Domaine Les Pailles

Also there is a shopping complex named:
Floreal Square at 1, John Kennedy Street.

Favorite spots for childrens entertainment.These include:

Grand Baie Mahebourg

Grand Baie Mahebourg

Grand Baie Mahebourg

Since Mauritus was under French Colony for some good time, there is an influence of European culture.

The Mauritius Government is making an effort to come up with extinct places of the country to attractive tourist spot.
Flic en Flac Mauritus Beach, Attractions, Hotels, Tours
Flic en Flac is situated on the West Coast of Mauritius. The distance is almost half hours drive from the International Airport of Port Louis. Flic en Flac Mauritus Beach is among the popular oversea beaches of Mauritius.

The picturous spots & the beautiful swimming pools of various sizes offer the traveler with high comfort & refreshment to get through the day.

Inside and around this beach, there are several hotels available with self-cooking facilities and different important services. A number of expert photographers travelers to this beach. Theyre also offered with studio services.

The holidays spent by the tourers in this beach are liked for long. In a site situated in Mauritus or in the Indian Ocean, the tourists are equipped with different types of accommodations roaming from cheap to rich beach villas.

The tourists could make a travel to the beach simply by walking. The peaceful and relaxed atmosphere of the beech prompts the travelers to make themselves move nearer to the local culture & its fairly a natural circumstance prevailing in as well as around the beach.

There are various beach resorts situated around

Flic en Flac beach

Flic en Flac beach

Flic en Flac beach

A number of of these include:

Resort Paradise Cove Hotel Preskil Beach, along with Spa Hotel Anmbre Veranda Palmar Beach Resort Flic en Flac in Mauritus is among the famous five star resorts with a cool and relaxed atmosphere.

Its Hilton Mauritus Resort section as well as Spa. In Flic en Flac hotel, there are totally 193 rooms complete of 18 suites which are dotted over 2 floors of this hotel.

The whole hotels are brilliantly beautified with Asian & Mauritian decorations.All the rooms face the sea and are raised up on a small pavilion.

Daily throughout the night, any style of gifts/ smelled candles are preserved in side the rooms to give a comforting atmosphere for the ease of the honored visitors.

The restaurants operate various meals ranging from Melanzane to Ginger Thai,Les Coquillages with Tasty Thai dishes.

The Aqua Bar and Vista Bar are the gathering grounds for the important persons. From Flic en Flac, the tourists could make a trip to different places of concerns such as Rochester Falls,Black River Gorges and also the Seven Colored Earths in Chamarel.

Additionally there are trips to Pample Mouses Garden that was built around 18 th century. Tourists should not forget to travel to the picturous market in Port Louis & shopping building complex in Cure Pipe are all a must.

Visit to the forests are organized from the hotel. There are different hotels present for the tourists, a number of of them are budget hotels.

These include: Hilton Mauritus, Sofitel Imperial Mauritui, La Pirouge Hotel and Casin Gold Beach Resort.

One who has came to visit Flic en Flac, wouldnt like to fail to spot its beauty and visit this unusual beach yet again in future.

Palmer in Mauritius beach

Palmer in Mauritius beach

Palmer in Mauritius beach

Palmer is basically among the famous beachs in Mauritius.

This attractive beach is flanked with several hotels & restaurants around, Additionally in Mauritius Palmer Hotel is known as Vernada Palmer Beach Hotel.

This exceptional site is situated in the Eastern Coast of the country.

The whole area looks extremely beautiful so as to attract more tourists in future time to have an easy and enjoyable stay which is loved for ever.

The whole raise up of the Veranda Palmer Beach Hotel, is bordered by beautiful coastal areas which give an example to the tourists for a glaring model of a great place of a vacation trip which is filled with entertainment and free from the daily boredom in life.

Colorful parks situated in and close to the Veranda Palmer Beach Hotel imply an excellent example of different types of water sports.

Which is meant for the active individual. For the less active individual, Golden Beach is the decisive area for entertainment.

The smiling & the good-natured atmosphere makes travelers holiday an ideal environment for a visit to the beach resort situated in Maurtius.

In Veranda Palmer Beach Hotel, there are altogether 77 double bed rooms.

These rooms are so well beautified that from the room balcony tourists have excellent panoramic view of Indian Ocean.

Every room is provided with telephone service, air conditioner , mini bar, television set with different channels, and hair dryer so as to offer a comfy stay for the honored visitors.

On special demand, Laundry services are provided. With the exception of the above, a number of items are available with free of charge by Palmer Hotel.

Services such as Windsurfing, Kayak, Pedal Boat, sailing boat glass bottom boat,and others are offered to the honored visitors. Other extra provided services are with conference room.

The following services are provided in the dining room to the travelers.

These include:Daily lively entertainment, a symphony of local aromas & Bars, The dining room timing is from 1100 hrs to 00h00.

While at the dining room soft drinks,mineral water, bar, beer, juice and so forth are providing to the honored visitors.
Roches Noires Beach

Mauritius Roches Noires Beach

Mauritius Roches Noires Beach

Roches Noires is located in the dirty regions in its North Eastern Coast of Mauritius. The locality of Roches Noires is at a point that it keeps away from the interchanging character of the ocean. Roches Noires Beach is covered by white sandy cove. Any individual desperate to have a swimming at the beach will feel excited to have it. Shops located within reach to the beach. Contrarily, travelers can move to Grand Bay resort, which is a few minutes drive away from the beach site.
There are dining facilities and international styled shopping in Grand Bay Resort. Close to the Roches Noires there are restaurants accessible in the near coastal villages, which are simply approachable by car. The restaurants such as Belle Mare & Trou D Eau Douce will be relevant for those who are anticipating spacious & stylised vacation accommodation in a peaceful and relaxed fitting.

There are different features found in the restaurants around Roches Noires. Some of the important features include underneath:
Ground Floor:

New Kitchen
Air Conditioned Master Room
Large Shaded fully furnished terrace along with wooden decking
Bedrooms with sliding doors just close to the large terrace, which ignores the suites and other beach.
Large dining room & living room

1 st Floor:

Double Bed room provided with air-conditioning and suite facilities

Separate Lavatories
Television set
Triple Bedroom for children
large terrace

The location of Roches Noires is a few kms away from Post Lafayette. Its a distinctive residential beach resort. This site hides a number of beach resorts so as to give unique look of Roches Noires.
The travelers will be allocated the following hotels from Roches Noires. Some of these are stated as follows:

Villa Azur
Villa La Casbah
Villa dEden- It is located between Roche Noires & Poste La Fayette
La Jardin Secret
Etoile de Mar

Belle Mare Mauritius Beach Holiday Tour


Belle Mare Mauritius Beach

Belle Mare Mauritius Beach


Belle Mare beach is characterize by extensive stretches of white sandy beach and a deep lagoon. This beach is situated along the eastern coast of Mauritius.
There are various hotels located in the proximity of Belle Mare beach and Beau Rivage Hotel is among them. This hotel offers services to the treasured guests such as high-class hospitality, friendly and warm gesture in a calm & cool atmosphere. The hotel rooms are constructed in a high thatch like model

Belle Mare is among the popular beaches in Mauritius
Belle Mare provides different sorts of services delivered for entertainment of the children and business purpose. With the exception of the above, the services are delivered by the hotels for several different purposes.

These include:
Business Services:

Business Centre
Photocopying Machine
Conference Room
High Speed Internet Facility

For children entertainment the following services are given. These include:

Baby Sitting
Kids Club

Beau Rivage Hotel from its own setting, provides several facilities to minimize the inconvenience for the travelers. These services include:

Car Rental Desk
Reception Desk
Gift Shop
Hair Salon
Tour Desk

All Hotel Balle Mere rooms or the Hotel Beau Rivage offer various services to the honored guests.

These are stated as follows:

Room Service
Mini Bar
Cable/ Satellite
Tea/ Coffee facilities
Air Conditioning facility
Hair Dryer

For the entertainment of the honored visitors, the following services are provided.

Table Tennis
Outdoor Swimming Pool
Tennis Court

There are also bar facilities for the travelers to have fun. There are 2 types of Bars set-up by the hotel. These are:

Club Savanne

Trou Lou Lou Bar

Despite offering multifarious services to the visitors, there are ups & downs policies enacted for good management of the hotel.

Children are accepted inside the hotel to take part in the kids entertainment, perversely the pet animals of whatsoever household are not allowed to get inside the hotel room.

The check-in & checkout time of the hotel is 14.00 hours and 12.00 hours respectively.
Up to now vital informations about Belle Mare/ Hote Beau Rivage Hotel is foregrounded for the kind perusal of the visitors. With the exception of the above services, there are as well other services offered to the tourists.

From the Beau Rivage Hotel,also there are different facilities delivered to the travelers.

The locations where the tourists may visit are named as follows

Plain Champaign & Black River Gorge
Bois Cheri Tea Plantation
Port Louis
Place DArmes
Casela Bird Park
Eureka Creole Mansion

As payment mode is concerned, payments are allowed through Visa Card or Master Card.


Blue Bay in Mauritius


Blue Bay in Mauritius

Blue Bay in Mauritius


Blue Bay in Mauritus is located along the South eastern coast of Mauritus.

Blue Bay is close by to a small town called Mahebourg and additionally is nearby to Port Louis International Airport After Blue Bay, the capital of Mauritus is almost 45 minutes drive.

Absolutely just about this attractive beach in Mauritius is the Blue Lagoon Hotel.

The hotel is convenient as per the capital city of Port Louis is concerned.

Blue Lagoon Hotel reaches out sincere welcome to the august visitors.

The Hotel is all the time set to extend such an enjoyable atmosphere along with facilities consequently that the travelers do not face any problem.

The atmosphere of Blue Lagoon Hotel is encircled by gardens. The historical city of Mahebourg is situated nearby. The famous Naval Museum is as well located close by. There are altogether 72 visitors.

Each of the hotel room is offered such facilities in order for the guests to be delighted during their stay in the Blue Lagoon Hotel.

There are the different categories of rooms existing in Blue Bay Hotel. Anyway the range varies from euro 61 to 255. The other services provided by Blue Bay Hotel include: Bar
Swimming Pool
There are also some room services these include.

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