Mauritius is one of the most beautiful places on the earths face. its an island countryside along the Indian Ocean in the coast of Africa.

The Island of Madagascar lies in its western side around 900 kms away.

For the reason that the island is well-known for its scenic beauty, a number of hotels have been built in along this Island for offering accommodation to numerous number of visitors who keep on coming every year.

Best hotels and private apartments for holidays and vacations

Together with the five and four star luxurious hotels Additionally in Mauritius, cheap budget hotels are very common among tourists who would like to enjoy the tranquility of this amazing place but dont have the budget to lodge in costly mansions.

Seeing these budget hotels wont be a difficult task once you know their details.

Some of the budget hotels in Mauritius include

Chez Vaco Hotel & Restaurant

Chez Vaco Hotel & Restaurant Mauritiu

Chez Vaco Hotel & Restaurant Mauritiu

its on the western coast in Grand Bay- 65 km from the Airport & 40 km from Port-Louis.

Facilities include:
36 sits restaurant
small lounge-gallery
10 master rooms (6 communicating) 18 square meters
2 luxurious rooms of 30 square meters that can serve up to three people along with a baby cot.

Hotel Emeraude

Hotel Emeraude

Hotel Emeraude

This hotel is situated along the east coast of Mauritius , looking across the gorgeous white sand beach at Belle Mare & the awe-inspiring emerald lagoon. Its a small, beautiful hotel, advisable for families, set in colorful, tropical gardens plus a minor coastal road between the hotel & its beach. The hotel also dishes a variety of lip smacking Mauritian dishes.

Other budget hotels in Mauritius include

Budget Hotels along the North–west coast

Les Filaos Beach Resort
Les Orchidees
Tifleur Soleil
Coin de Mire
Le Palmiste